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Plot: Sandra Bya, wedded with two youngsters, has been off work from her activity at Solwal on medicinal leave for discouragement.Amid her nonappearance from work, her supervisor,

M. Dumont, on the proposal of her quick chief, the shop foreman Jean-Marc, assumes that her area of the organization can work with sixteen individuals working all day with a touch of additional time rather than seventeen with no extra minutes, that seventeenth individual being Sandra. In light of the worldwide rivalry the organization faces, Dumont chooses the organization can just back the yearly rewards for those sixteen workers, which are EUR1,000 per individual, or Sandra’s activity, leaving the choice to those sixteen. On a Friday close to the finish of her restorative leave, Sandra takes in of this circumstance from her companion and collaborator Juliette after the “show of hands” vote is held, the outcome a 13-3 choice for the rewards over Sandra’s activity. Since Juliette knows Jean-Marc, who is resolved to dispose of Sandra, affected the vote by frighten mongering……......………. Here you can also Direct Download Full HD Romantic Movies free full at HD moviesSite in HD prints.



Directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne Luc Dardenne
Writers: Jean-Pierre Dardenne Luc Dardenne
Cast & Crew: Marion Cotillard  Fabrizio Rongione  Catherine SalAce 





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