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Plot: Adrián Doria, a rich representative named Man of the Year because of his cutting edge organization and his exchange concurrences with the Asian market, meets Virginia Goodman,

a veteran legal counselor master in witness readiness and legal announcement, suggested by Adrián’s legal counselor Felix Leiva so as to make a tenable barrier. Captured by the police in a mountain inn live with the carcass of his sweetheart next to him, picture taker Laura Vidal, Adrián speaks Virginia about the wrongdoing and his association with Laura, uncovering that both endured an auto collision where a man called Daniel Garrido passed on, and how Laura controlled Adrián to maintain a strategic distance from the correctional facility by Daniel’s demise. While Félix is searching for an intimation that it could change the course of the occasions, Virginia and Adrián continue discussing the case however her, unconvinced of the Adrián’s declaration, compels him to clear the dim purposes of his history, in a perplex where reality and the lie are effortlessly interchangeable…...………….....………. Here you can also Direct Download Full HD Thriller Movies free full at HD moviesSite in HD prints.



Directors: Oriol Paulo
Writers: Oriol Paulo
Cast & Crew: Mario Casas  Ana Wagener  Jose Coronado





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