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Plot: Ash and company arrive in the village of Rohta where legend hero guided waves has been passed from generation to generation. A festival is being held at the castle in honor of the Hero Oldoran Aaron, who stopped centuries ago a terrible war between the “Red” and “Green” (two armies Pokemon) using the power of the Genesis tree. Among the celebrations, there is a kind of Pokemon tournament to decide who will be the hero Guided by the waves of the year, and Ash wins. However, joy is interrupted when Mew appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Pikachu, apparently taking him to the mentioned tree. Rukario, who had been locked inside a walking stick by his former master (for unknown reasons), who is none other than Aaron, wake up very confused, believing that Ash is Aaron, because he says both have the same “wave pattern.”.Download Full HD Animated Movies free of cost through HDMoviesSite..

Directors: Kunihiko Yuyama Darren Dunstan
Writers:Kathy Pilon (as Kathy Borland) Hideki Sonoda
Stars: Veronica Taylor Eric Stuart Amy Birnbaum

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