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Plot: For a month and a half, Hazel, Ade, James, and Mark plot an arrangement to snatch Katherine, the little girl of a gems merchant. When they soften up the place of the family on Willow Street,

Ade sees primative images on her closet. They place Katherine in the van and convey her to a surrendered office. They chain Katherine in the storm cellar and video tape her. They send the video to her family and afterward call her dad to request the payoff. They are not ready to contact the father by telephone so Ade and James drive to the house to converse with him. In any case, they discover Katherine’s folks dead on their quaint little inn clerics dead in the cellar. Ade finds two or three video tapes and he takes them back to their alcove. When they watch the video, they see that they have released an evil presence and they are destined to pass on........………. Here you can also Direct Download Full HD Horror Movies free full at HD moviesSite in HD prints.



Directors: Alastair Orr
Writers: Catherine Blackman Jonathan Jordaan
Cast & Crew: Dimitri Bajlanis  Zelmia Bezuidenhout  Carlyn Burchell  





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